Risk is ever present when it comes to investing. We have found that the best way to manage risk is to reduce it.

Each week our research staff carefully culls through thousands of stocks in continuous pursuit of a few meaningful situations. The reports we publish are detail rich and frequently updated as new information becomes available. Each recommendation our firm makes includes:

* A detailed analysis of what to buy or sell
* Specific entry and exit prices
*Continuous updates on each position until the position is closed

Our publications consist of detailed stock picks, upgrade / hold / sell alerts, updates, and many other miscellaneous reports including industry outlook reports, and market overview reports. The goal of each publication is to provide you with professional caliber investment research so you can make your own highly educated investment decisions.

Initiated Coverage Report

This report is our flagship product. It focuses on stocks with above average potential to out perform the market. The companies spotlighted in this report are usually on the verge of a break through. The company is also significantly undervalued and about to take advantage of its industry because of superior management or a unique approach to it's industry. All recommendations follow our research guidelines and are very sensitive to the level of risk that is assumed.

Update Report

Published weekly , this report includes critical updates on stocks within the WSBSH portfolio. As per our continuing analysis of each recommendation, the purpose of this report is to keep our clients abreast of their investments.

Market Overview

This report is published periodically throughout the year. It gives a broad overview of how the market is performing as a whole and how the market will perform in weeks to come. It also gives insight as to how large scale market forces will affect the stocks within the WSBSH portfolio.

Miscellaneous Reports

Miscellaneous reports are published occasionally when a political, legal, or social event will effect specific industries or the stocks within the WSBSH portfolio. These reports are highly informative and contain very interesting and accurate market insight from those who know the market best.

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