About Us

Our philosophy is that small cap investments can provide BIG gains. We conduct extensive due diligence on companies every day, and only alert our subscribers to the ones that fit the criteria of explosive potential.

What you find in WSBSH is an asset you won’t find with your Wall Street broker. We take the time to look at the undervalued small cap market, that won’t even show up on a major firm’s radar. In fact, a substantial number of our subscribers work at these same firms!

We are passionate about assisting all levels of investors in finding the right investment. We understand that many of our subscribers don’t have the time or resources to conduct the due diligence needed to succeed in this market. Let WSBSH be your top resource to help you achieve ultimate gains.

Nothing is more important than the success of our subscribers. And our subscriber’s success is what has helped build our business!

The super majority of our subscribers have been directly referred to our services from other subscribers. Why? Because we only alert on companies that have the make up to EXPLODE! We will not inundate your inbox with emails; we won’t waste your time with companies that “might” break out.

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